Tag Management Services

A Tag Management system allows marketing & web analytics teams to edit & deploy marketing & web analytics tags with limited or no involving from web development or IT teams.

Tag Manager Account Setup

A tag manager is a solution which allows marketing and web analytics teams to deploy and edit 3rd party tracking tags with limited or no involvement from the developers. It significantly improves marketing team reaction time and web analytics data quality. Google Tag Manager is the most popular and well known tag management solutions, but there are other strong competitor like Tealium, Ensighten and Piwik Pro.

Google Tag Manager offers a free version and very user friendly integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google marketing Platform and a number of other vendors.

tag account setup

data layer implementation

Data Layer Implementation & Auditing

The real power of tag management is revealed when a tag management system is working in conjunction with a well-structured data layer.

Data layer is a JavaScript object which is placed in the source code of the website and is used to hold valuable business data, like product information, user information or site engagement data. This data can be easily accessed by a tag management system and passed on to web analytics solutions like Google Analytics. By combining a data layer, a tag manager and a web analytics system, the data captured by the business is much more relevant and useful to the business in comparison to a standard out-of-the-box solution.

Tag Deployment & Configuration

Tag management systems are able to support a wide range of marketing and web analytics tags. While it’s much faster and easier to implement tracking tags within a tag management system in comparison to standard in-line tags, it still requires on-going maintenance and auditing, to ensure that the data is being captured as expected.

Here at OMGT Marketing we deliver complex tag management implementations as well as offer our clients on-going maintenance and QA service.

tag deployment