Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO consists of multiple disciplines – content creation, link building, competitor research and more. Unfortunately, without a robust technical on-page SEO base, any effort put into the previously mentioned areas could be significantly diminished.


Before any optimization work can start, an SEO audit has to be performed. The output of this audit is a comprehensive and actionable document which covers all areas of on-page SEO, including use of meta tags, content duplication, URL redirects, country and language targeting, server errors, mark-up and much more.

seo audit

seo migration


A business might have a very strong SEO presence, but one mistake during a website migration project can completely destroy it. Here at OMGT Marketing we have experience in managing small to large-scale site migration projects as well as fixing SEO issues after poorly executed site migrations have taken place.


Local SEO is one of the areas of SEO where small, local business has a very good chance of out-ranking large national and international corporations. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have the necessary knowledge to do this. OMGT Marketing can help with optimising your local SEO presence and these high quality customers.

local seo


Management of an international or multi-lingual site is probably one of the most complex areas of SEO. Content duplication and miss-targeting is a real threat in these scenarios. We can help with auditing your multi-lingual site and developing the most approriate language and location targeting approach.

international seo